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Wireless Replacement Cost New Trends

Replacement Cost New Wireless Indexes provide the wireless industry replacement cost new (RCN) indexes that address the change in price over time, changes in technology and equipment capacity, and elements of functional obsolescence including excess capital and excess capacity from improvements in productive technology.



File Information

Update frequency: The data is applicable with a base year of 1/1/2019.

Users: The data is licensed by geographic area: National, single State or single County.  Other regions can be purchased by agreement.

Format: PDF

Vintage: Suitable for 2020.  Trends updated through 2019.


Discounts: We offer discounts to government organizations and for multi-geographic areas.  Please contact us for further discussion of these options.

The report is licensed based upon the number of geographies.  For state or county purchases, you will be requested to identify the geographic area licensed. When purchasing for a county, please include the state in which the county is located (e.g. county,st).

Contact us for multiple state and county bundle pricing and downloads.