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Vetro FiberMap

CostQuest Associates (CQA) and VETRO FiberMap have joined forces to provide a tool for broadband providers to quickly assess their potential for participating in the FCC’s forthcoming CAF II Reverse Auction. Nearly $2 billion in funding will be made available in areas identified by the FCC. The above map/tool allows users to perform a preliminary assessment of the eligible geographic areas, the expected reserve price set by the FCC, and relative CAPEX and OPEX that a typical ISP can expect in those areas. This tool provides a first step to providers for exploring their participation in this funding program.

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Additional Notes

Now that you’ve used this tool to quickly assess the potential for bidding on CAF II areas, CostQuest Associates (CQA) and VETRO FiberMap can further support your efforts. We have built a platform that enables you to perform assessments of the full potential of extending your network into CAF II areas, including:

  • Design of a network to meet the requirements of the CAF program
  • Full demand assessment for CAF-eligible areas, including total locations, business locations, enterprises, anchor institutions, and residential locations.
  • Assessment of revenue and subsidy potential, including CAF II support, end user revenue based on your rates and plans, and ancillary revenue.
  • Assessment of capital costs (deployment and ongoing), operations and maintenance costs, and all OPEX costs related to running an ISP for 10 years (up to 30 years if desired).
  • Full Net Present Value of your ISP business in these new markets.
  • Ability to use the tool to develop bidding strategy for eligible areas. (note: our team does not provide bid related consulting)
  • Ability to use our mapping and network design platform to manage and operate your network.

Field Information

The reserve amount is derived by the FCC. It is intended to represent the likely maximum annual support available for eligible Census Blocks in the selected Block Group(s). More information on the calculation of the reserve amount can be found here, in paragraph 206.

The capex values represent the initial capital investment related to the distribution facilities within the eligible Census Blocks. These are the distribution facilities from the customer premise to the splitters. No investment for feeder facilities is included. The capex estimates provided allow a range based on the use of existing structure and electronics versus an estimate that includes structure and electronics. The capex is a total, not unitized investment value. It has not been converted into a monthly or annual cost.

The opex values represent the estimated monthly operational expense corresponding to the capex distribution estimate. Examples of operational expense include network operations, non-plant specific expenses, product marketing, bad debt, etc.

When comparing the capex and opex estimates to the reserve, keep in mind the reserve is representing an annual support amount while the capex represents an initial investment and opex represents a monthly expense related to that capex estimate.


Site Disclaimer:

The information provided by the website is derived from public sources or estimates based on CostQuest Associates, Inc. State Broadband Cost Model. The information provided is intended to assist users in analyzing opportunities related to the upcoming FCC CAF2 auction. The information provided is not intended to represent amounts to be bid in the upcoming auction.