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477 Summary by Technology (477SBT)

The 477SBT file provides maximum advertised downstream broadband speed for fixed services and an indication if the block is served by mobile LTE.  Data is provided for each Census Block (Tiger 2010). Coverage information is based on FCC Form 477 fixed deployment (December 2016) and mobile deployment (December 2016).  For fixed services, only consumer oriented / best effort services are considered. Fixed wireless is not considered.


File Information

Update frequency: The data is licensed as of current date; periodic updates can be provided by agreement.

Users: The data are licensed for one user.

Format: CSV or other formats upon request.

Coverage: National download file or States by agreement. Contact us for state-specific data set pricing and download.


The following fields are available:




Census Block, Tiger 2010.


Max Adv. Download Speed in Census Block where, consumer=1.  Excludes Fixed wireless and non-defined technologies.


True / False field indicating if Wireless LTE is available in block.


Percent (expressed as decimal) of block area covered by LTE service.